Registration for Vendors

XMAS CONVENTION BODENSEE (Friedrichshafen - Turn- und Festhalle, Scheffelstraße 16) during 03.-04.12.2022

Price: 120 Euro by running meter plus 19% VAT for 2 Exhibition Days

The main tenant is responsible for the entire stand, booth rental, timely and proper construction and dismantling.
The stand must be properly equipped and staffed by qualified staff during the entire duration of the exhibition at the appointed opening hours.
The stand construction must be closed until the beginning of the event. The sale of tattoo articles and accessories, piercing material or piercing work is only allowed on specially designated stands approved by the organizer!
Herewith you confirm, according to the DSGVO, that your data is used for Facebook and the homepage of TattooConvention Bodensee!


I hereby confirm the binding registration for the convention. I am aware that in case of cancellation the full stand price will be charged!